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YouTube and Education

YouTube and Education

Growing up I always used YouTube to find new music but I never used it for anything else. Now I use YouTube for so many different things, of course, I still find music on there but there is another side of YouTube that has so many new educational videos.

My favorite one so far is MIT online courses which are free for anyone to view online, you don’t have to be a student enrolled in the school. I’ve watched very educated and talented professors teach a lecture while I am getting ready for work in the morning, getting ready for bed and driving.

Other videos on YouTube that I have been checking out is interviews with people that I admire. I just type in the search box “________ interview” and boom, I have access to all of it.

Self taught videos are always appreciated, for example, coding 101 or basic coding, learning a new language or how to fix something in your house. You may have to sit through some advertisements but it’s definitely worth it.

And lastly, there are great motivational videos to listen to when you are not feeling your full 100%. These can be listened to while at work or just a quick drive down the street.

Whether you are into education, finance, art, science, there is always something out there for you.



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