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Your Psyche and Your Success

Your Psyche and Your Success

Recently I picked up a book called the Happiness Hypothesis. I’m going to share some of the more interesting findings I have found so far. The book begins with some basic lessons of some of the most acclaimed psychologists in history. It then goes onto explain the cover of the book which appears to be an elephant with a rider traversing large body of water. In the book, it mentions that you brain is a powerful being—like an elephant. It has instincts and the capacity for great strength. Over generations and generation, the human brain evolved from the brain stem (located near the rear of you cranium) to the frontal lobe. The components developed along the way enabled those best suited for their environment to survive long enough to reproduce. The frontal lobes of the human brain came later than those in the rear, scientists believe. One interesting theory I was introduced to was the concept of gossip serving an evolutionary purpose. Essentially, those that talked about others were “in the know” and therefore able to protect themselves from life’s many looming threats. The rider in this metaphor was later evolved to control the elephant. The only way this can happen is with proper training. How else are humans capable of taming such great creatures? Everyone is different in terms of their taming and training skills. The elephant can only be controlled if it wants to be. You have to negotiate or reason. In times of cognitive dissonance (i.e. when thoughts and behavior don’t match) we use reason to try and make sense of things. This can come in the form of making excuses, like when you compensate for being unproductive, or when, to morality and self-righteousness. The idea is to recognize we are subject to the elephants instincts but can coexist with a little proper communication. As always, best of luck from the Fast Cash team!

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