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What is Your Why?


What is your WHY? 

We all have a passion, a fire that burns inside, wether it be sports, fashion, education, music, etc. it is an inspiration that drives us. Beyond the scores and stats or the latest and greatest, our passions give rise to our stories and help us overcome obstacles, exhibit sportsmanship and defy the odds to achieve success. Celebrate your uplifting story and take a deeper look into the inspiring lives of your peers.

Passion is one of those intangibles that gets us through the good and the bad as well as dictates our success. It allows us to outthink second place. Our success comes from our passion. It conveys that regardless of your position, you can be successful if you have passion for what you’re doing. If something is hard you don’t give in, you apply yourself even more to overcome it. Your drive and your motivation won’t go unnoticed.

Although we all have a passion, not all of us realize our passion or drive. We forget the reasons why we do what we love and we lose our motive. Ask yourself why?

Why do you run that half marathon? 

Why do you train hard everyday? 

Why do you blog about fashion trends? 

Why do you write music? 

Why do you love building robots? 

Remember each day you train or work towards your passion and each day you beat the previous day’s record or obstacle, you experience a small sense of pride. This motivates you to do bigger and greater things. On days when you don’t know if you can pass an exam, get through an interview or run a marathon, remember that you once did. Our passion brings us self-discovery and opens us up to the person we are destined to be.

Here are my passions that drive me:

images (4)
images (1)




What are your passions or passion and why? Do what you love and fight for what you love everyday.

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