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Village Industrial Power is an organization run by two partners who have dedicated their life work to creating affordable and sustainable energy solutions to be applied to agricultural industries around the world. Partners Felicity Lodge and Carl Bielenberg founded VIP and are based out of Vermont. There are offices in both India and Kenya.

Their website (link below) advertises an increase in crop value of up two ten percent. They are able to make this claim because the Village Industrial Power’s plant enables farm workers to get the most from their crops by using the biomass from agricultural waste (such as cobs from maize, pits from mangoes or coffee parchment) as fuel which produces electrical, mechanical and thermal energy.

The VIP 10-10 offers the lowest cost for electricity in its class and is designed to be robust, meaning able to be applied a number of ways. The steam engine can be used to process or sort through maize, dry mango drying (it’s reported that mango production will exceed one million tons this year), fish drying, water purification, irrigation, sugar cane and dairy processing.

All and all, their team is comprised of thirteen staff and three adviser board members. Combined Heat and Power or CHP engines are the next best thing because they are able to utilize energy by combining the power system with one that can harness heat that is typically lost in typical electrical production. For more information you can visit their website below.



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