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Video Games and Virtual Reality

Video Games and Virtual Reality

The video game industry entered the world of three dimensions with the advent of reality simulators becoming more readily available to everyday consumers. Augmented reality and virtual reality are different and should not be used interchangeably.

Virtual reality requires a designated separate space where the projections may take place, such as the high tech training provided for professionals in flight or fight simulations. Typically these sort of games and simulations will require specific headsets making the technology inherently more expensive. Though it requires a bit more programming, augmented reality games do not typically require a separate headset, though some do.

Think Pokémon Go, the game that took over the world in summer of 2015. People’s neighborhoods were turned into arenas for their enjoyment using GPS software. Augmented reality uses a pre existing environment requiring less equipment and therefore less capital investment. People were able to play on the devices they already owned (smartphones) which makes it far more accessible compared to the CR headset required to play similar games on the PlayStation. The impact of augmented reality is not limited to video games. Imagine furnishing your home using augmented reality or visiting a museum with information overlay with just a pair of glasses. This is not just the plot in the latest sci-fi film, this is actually happening. IKEA Place app actually allows you to do this and the metropolitan museum of art in New York city can educate you on its exhibits and artifacts digitally. That saves on countless paper and labor.

Steve Jobs always said technology should reflect the consumer’s experience and not the other way around. Times are changing and its important to get ahead in terms of the next best idea!
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