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The Company you keep

The Company you keep

John Hall is the Co-founder of and recently wrote an article about the importance of being selective about the people in your life. Due to his background it’s no secret that Hall has worked hard to study time and how people spend and manage it. It’s from his encounters that he was able to publish a piece focused on the things people do to ensure they are around the right people. First on the list is to ask yourself whether the person or people in question make you a better version of yourself. This can be either directly or indirectly, but being around them should encourage you to improve in noble traits like honesty, compassion, patience etc. Next Hall mentions that it’s okay to make sacrifices, but make sure that they pay off—not only in the long run, but also more immediately. Many millionaires spend decades earning what they get to spend during retirement which means they experience quite a bit of lonliness along the way. Enjoy the journey as well as the destination! Another pointer I didn’t think about was keeping people close who care about those you care about. Those people that ask about your family or significant other and will even go as far as gifting something are special and shouldn’t be overlooked.  They recognize and actively acknowledge how important those people are to you an how instrumental they are in your being. You want to be comfortable and be able to let your guard down such that you can express yourself honestly around those you spend the most time with. Lastly, but certainly not least you want to surround yourself with people who also want to see you win. You don’t want to share your accomplishments with someone who experiences jealous feelings towards you. It can effect how you see yourself in a negative light. There’s no reason your success should take away from some else’s. What’s yours is yours and those closest to you will understand that. Remember if you need help getting started with a short or long term project on the way to your success Fast Cash has your back!


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