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Strong Financial Foundation

Do you have a strong financial foundation? 

Are you smart with your money? 


  • Spend less than you earn, widen the gap between spending and earning.
    • Spend less, cut your spending and do not make unnecessary purchases. Cut back on the things that don’t matter to you in order to afford the things that are important to you.
    • Earn more, increase your earnings from work. Move up in your career or get a second job. You may also thing about a side business.
  • Question every dollar you spend, be critical of the money you spend and what you are spending it on.
    • Essentially it will turn into budgeting because you are evaluating the money you are spending.
  • Do not spend without a reason as in don’t spend any money without an honest good reason.
    • Cut out the dumb reasons to spend money.
  • If you have debt, eliminate it. 
    • Build a debt repayment plan
    • Debt negatively impacts your cash flow constantly
  • If you don’t have debt, then you should invest
    • Start planning for your future and your goals
    • Build possibilities and give yourself options for your future
  • Secure your retirement
    • Know what you need to save
  • Consistently strive and work on your life goals
    • Focusing on achieving your goals, allows you to spend less and that money that you don’t spend, you can put towards your goals.
    • Goals provide us with direction


We start to realize how being smart with our money can make things in our life more and more tangible. We all need to start somewhere, following these tips can get you started. Try it out and make it your own process of growth financially. It is a learning process every step of the way.

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