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Spring Break

Spring Break

If you’re looking to travel in March, this blog serves as a reminder that spring break is just around the corner. In mid-March flights and hotels experience a large influx of vacation goers and thrill seeks. The beaches of Florida and California as well as the Caribbean are that much more populates. Flight prices go up, hotel rates go up, about every travel expense you can imagine will inflate due to the sheer number of students looking to unwind mid-way through the semester. Because it is still cold in the north east, many people end up going south or west where it is warmer.

This celebration began to be recognized in the United States in the 1930’s and it’s not only limited to college students. In other places, though, it occurs between semesters or at the end of the school year. Around the globe people are encouraged to take a break from their responsibilities and engage in communal forms of destressing.

In some places like the Czech Republic and Slovakia, the break is actually broken up into groups so that there is not any overcrowding at the most popular destinations. Many places affiliate the break with religious holidays and so it is called the Holy Week. There are also a number of spring festivals that occur annually which consist of music and parading during the day and nightclub parties as well as beaches later in the evening.

Although this list is in no way exhaustive of the places where spring break festivals take place, some include: Fiji, Greece, Hungary, Spain, Italy, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Florida, Texas, and Croatia. In addition, you will notice a number of marketing efforts catering to the influx of vacationers—like popular beverages, bathing suit manufacturers, hiking equipment as well as razor manufacturers like Gillett. Spring break affects more industries than you would think!


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