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Simple Way to Budget

Simple Way to Budget

Budgeting your money could sound intimidating, but this short blog will give you a guideline of what to do.

  1. Grab a piece of paper and at the top of it label it BUDGET in big letters
  2. At the top right part of the paper write out “expenses” and then list out what you have to pay and when they are due. Make sure you don’t leave a single expense out! For example,
    1. 1/1 rent due,
    2. 1/5 phone bill due
    3. 1/10 phone bill due
  3. At the top left write your paycheck due date and the amount that you’re expecting to receive (low balling is always better to be safe for worse case scenario) then in the middle of the page list your expected paycheck due date and amount (same as first part, just put it in the middle of the page for space)
  4. Begin allocating the funds – look at your expenses (top right) and start deducting them from your paychecks
  5. Once you have figured out how much you will have remaining after all your expenses are paid then DIVIDE! Divide the number remaining by how many days left you have until your next paycheck day.
    1. Example – if you have $400 remaining you would do $400/14 (assuming you get paid every two weeks) = $28.87

This is just a very simple way to budget your money, I would suggest taking a picture of the sheet of paper and saving it on your phone. It should be saved somewhere easily accessible. There are also many apps that you could use to budget.

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