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Renter’s Insurance

Renter’s Insurance

This post is for people who haven’t set or hit a home owning milestone quite yet. And even then, not all renting situations require a separate policy by the tenant. Like all investments, you’ll want to spend time reading policies and cross-checking rates before committing to a plan. Hopefully reading this post will also serve you well and save you time. If you are already insured for you vehicle or other belongings, a good place to start would be with that company for competitive rates.

Often there are discounted prices for purchasing bundled coverage. That’s where I began, but I wanted to make sure I wasn’t paying for excess coverage. Do you own expensive things? How well do you know your neighbors or greater community? Some apartment complexes require renter’s insurance for their tenants, but often people leasing their homes or basements do not. An article written back in August by Connie Chen for Business Insider (link below) shed some light on an up and coming insurance company called Jetty. There are four major components to consider insuring at the rental location that Jetty can cover. Those are: your personal property, liability for a neighbors’ belongings, medical expenses, and if for whatever reason you cannot live there, alternative means of living. After getting a quote from my car insurance company, I looked into simplified plans from Jetty and eRenters. I learned that Jetty offers several services; in addition to renter’s insurance, Jetty will pay your security deposit for a small fee via a secured bond. This is a good alternative for those without the capital to move up front. Additionally, if you find yourself needing a co-signer, without a person to fill that role, Jetty can do that too! There is some fine print to consider especially in regard to refundability, but if you need a solution I assure you it’s out there! As always we at Fast Cash wish you the best of luck!


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