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Producing Productivity

Producing Productivity

For some people it’s very hard to stay productive year-round. There are off seasons when you might just hit a wall for days or even weeks at a time. This post will serve as a reminder of the mannerisms that will aid you in staying more productive in the long run. Thanks to entrepreneur Susan Payton, who appeared in an article on Forbes Magazine, using these tips should lead to quite an improvement in your work life.

The first tip is to schedule breaks and stick to them. You can walk around or sit down, but definitely switch to a different position than the one you’re working in. Try not to scroll your break away on social media, you may lose track of time. Give your eyes a rest or do some physical activity. Depending on how long your work day is, you may have multiple breaks, so you can switch it up every time.

The next step is to write things down so you won’t forget them. A list is far more manageable than multiple ideas floating around in your head, and it will give you a visual of how much you have to get done. You can use whatever works best for you whether it’s an old fashion notebook, calendar or a digital one.

The third item is to lie to yourself about deadlines. That way you have a buffer should any procrastinator activities or unexpected issues ensue. Once you have lied to yourself about the deadline be sure to smaller goals and reach them. If for whatever reason your work day comes to an end before the last thing on the list has been accomplished, then you should get to a good stopping point which is indicated by an easy task which will be left for the next time.

Lastly make sure to give yourself a reward when you accomplish arduous things. Know what you like to do and use it to your advantage; for some it could be food, social media, TV, or engaging in hobbies. And be selective about your rewards!

You deserve to treat yourself, but you want to earn it with a strong work ethic as well.


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