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Presentations and public speaking (TED Talks)

Presentations and public speaking (TED Talks)

This is a skill for more than just those people looking to host a TED Talk. However, there is a lot to learn from those who give TED Talks. It’s not that all the topics involve pop culture or are universally interesting. Rather, it’s because those that are good at them follow a formula. You want to make a connection with the audience, not only as a whole, but to the individuals as well. This can be done with five simple steps (in fact, there are TED Talks on how to give a TED Talks, but we won’t go into those paradigms now). First step is to create a story. One of the most successful speech makers is Steve Jobs who would seldom tell his audience to buy his product. What he did instead was, tell a story involving the Apple product and then voila!—the audience was captivated and moved enough to invest. The next step involves using humor keeping in mind that senses of humor vary. Go with safe and charming jokes because everyone loves to laugh. Don’t make a joke at the expense of someone else, but if you’re willing to make fun of yourself people usually like that. Next, try not to overwhelm the audience with information. Too many words is not a good thing especially in presentations—if you’ll be the center of attention for a while, you can try to break up the segment into mixed media like a video or intermission. Lastly, not everyone is a auditorily learner. Some people benefit from the visual components of a presentation especially if it gets a little complicated. If you’re talking about someone, use their photo. You can also check out the blog post about effective graphs. Keep the information as simple as possible and easy to retain! A-plus is to always look your best. You want to be comfortable and also look nice. The audience will notice if you are tugging at your clothing, so you want that to be a non-issue. Lastly make sure to have someone review your presentation before the big day. Sit down in front of a loved one or a friend—test out the jokes on them. Best of luck from your friends at Fast Cash!


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