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Pain Tolerance

Pain Tolerance

Forbes wrote an article back in April concerning the notion of various levels of pain experienced by different individuals. Through this article I wanted to discover more about whether or not people are simply born with higher or lower than average pain tolerances. The most captivating part of the article to me was: “Pain isn’t static. It’s psycho social. Your tolerance rises and falls depending on what’s happening in the rest of your life.” When I read this, I realized it was true. The pain you are capable of enduring could be relative to that which you’ve already had to endure. So the cliché’ of “it doesn’t get easier, you just get stronger” does holds some truth (as many clichés often do). Your pain tolerance or threshold refers to the maximum amount of pain or stress you are able to endure before it becomes unbearable. The physical or psychological outskirts of your comfort one. Morgridge Institute for research states there are several dimensions to pain: sensory (nerve signaled to and from the brain), emotional and behavioral components. The adaptive component of pain is not physiological, but rather, psychological. Meaning, the distress signals that travel to and from your brain will remain the same, but gaining more tolerance has to do with your mindset surrounding this pain. For some people, a warning of pain to come is helpful and for others the anticipation is more gut wrenching. Either way all pain has a purpose. It protects us to a certain extent and from it you will gain not only a tolerance but a lesson (like a child and a hot stove). Your limits are set by you!

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