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Life doesn’t come with instructions. We all make mistakes every once in a while, we are human. Some mistakes are bigger than others, but they are just human error. Mistakes often make us feel like it’s all over and we have completely failed, but they actually give us the opportunity to learn, grow and improve ourselves. Look back on the past mistakes in our lives and recognize how they have positively enhanced our character. Mistakes teach us new skills, give us knowledge and help us to develop. They are valuable experiences gone wrong that we can turn into life lessons.

  • Admit your mistakes
  • Be at peace with your mistakes
  • Change your perspective
  • Be cautious
  • Learn from it
  • Prepare for future mistakes

Life has so many uncertainties and variables that mistakes are inevitable, but there are many things you can gain from making mistakes.

  • Remind us of our humanity
  • Motivate us to do better
  • Lead us to be more productive
  • Help us to pace ourselves better
  • Invite us to better choices
  • Teach us how to experiment
  • Reveal a new insight
  • Suggest new options
  • Serve as a warning
  • Show us hidden fault lines in our lives
  • Point out structural problems in our lives
  • Learn about ourselves
  • Help us to rectify injustices in our lives

Life is naturally made up of trial and error. Our mistakes are often just a beautiful disaster. “Mistakes are the portals of discovery.” -James Joyce


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