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“Don’t waste a good mistake, learn from it.” -Robert Kiyosaki

money bomb

Most of our mistakes in life become life lessons. Being in my 20’s I feel like mistakes and life lessons are the story of my life. Im at the point in my life of adventure, discovery and exploring. I have the ability to be a financial ticking time bomb or I could set myself up to succeed financially. Do you ever wonder where all your money? Spending money is way too easy for many of us. I admit it, I love to spend! It is so easy that it can make saving seem super hard! It is actually easy to save money, but it is not something that will just happen over night. You need to work at it and change some things. Many of us don’t have or recognize the essentials.

  • No game plan for your debt declineNo budget 
  • Not saving for retirement
  • Living paycheck to paycheck
  • No savings or emergency fund
  • Not negotiating your salary
  • Not knowing your credit score
  • No plan for your money 
  • Saying no to mixing money and relationships – loaning money to family and friends
  • Keep putting off your credit debt
  • Not maintaining an allowance
  • No balance between want and need
  • Not reading the fine print
  • Dependent on one source of income 
  • Not paying attention to debt to income ratio

steals from self

I have come to realize in my own financial endeavors and learning experience that the past is where we learn the lesson and the future is where we apply it. The key here is to make fear motivate you, not debilitate, you. Everyone is on the same playing field, so don’t feel like you’re the only one making bad or wrong financial decisions. Instead of drowning in your money sorrows, learn how to tread and apply yourself. You will get there.

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