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Message for recent graduates

Congratulations on all you have accomplished! Readjusting to the world outside of academia and student-life can be difficult. Especially as you’re relaxing on a Sunday afternoon with that subtle guilt sounding like “shouldn’t I be doing something?!” The answer is yes and no. By all means, enjoy the fruits of your labor. Give yourself a pat on the back, but don’t lose momentum! Believe it or not, school life has prepared you to be a go-getter in the real world. You can already manage multiple deadlines a week, prioritize projects, and perform well during dreaded group-work. The key is to find real world applications for all the lessons you’ve learned over the semesters. Use a planner, and remain organized—don’t simply rely on your good memory. And remember that as you take on entry-level positions, this first job will not be your last. Getting your foot in the door as a recent grad is an accomplishment in and of itself, especially if you’re someone who feels as though you lack connections. Simply keep in touch when the thought of an old colleague comes to mind. Adjust your social life as well as any potentially problematic social media.

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