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Meditation Experience

My meditation experience

Day 1

My first meditation was an in class meditation. Sitting still for ten minutes was the toughest thing in meditation. After five minutes, my legs started to feel numb and my concentration faded away. Breathing is what humans do without even realizing, but I could not breathe well when I tried to focus on my breathing. Moreover, I felt difficulty to even hear the sound of my breath. Another thing I realized was that something that never bothers me could really bother me during the meditation. Sounds of other people breathing and the noise of my fellow classmates meditating during the meditation. The more I tried to focus, the more I became distracted. During the time of meditation, my hatred towards meditation grew and I even started to blame the existence of meditation itself. After the meditation, it made me realize how I needed to be more open minded and maybe stop trying to focus on the meditation so much and just let it happen and allow my mind to just go on its own.

Day 2

As I expected, today’s meditation was as tough as yesterday’s. During the meditation, I was wondering how I can improve my concentration during the meditation. I know that meditation helps to purify my mind, but only interrupting thoughts came up during the meditation. I felt like I was doing the opposite of relaxing and more stressing on the fact that I couldn’t meditate. The first half of my meditation was going nowhere until finally I just stopped thinking and just whatever come to mind. It worked a little bit. I just listened and stopped the voice in my head from telling me I couldn’t meditate. My meditation was mostly quietness, but I think I made a breakthrough! I was able to listen to the silence of the room and it felt good. Although I didn’t meditate on any of my own personal thoughts I felt like I was actually meditating. It even made me excited for my next mediation. The silence of my mediation made me feel at ease.

Day 3

My attitude towards meditation finally became 100% positive from negative. I was willing to start to meditate to find out what kind of outcome I will be getting out of this session. Once I started to meditate, I realized how clear my mind was becoming. To be honest, I was not thinking about anything during the meditation. I was not enjoying the moment nor hating the moment. I was completely neutral for once. When I opened up my eyes and checked how long I had been meditating, I found out that I was meditating for 16 minutes without any thoughts. I had decided not to set a timer this time so that maybe I wouldn’t think about how long my mediation was and would be one less distraction. It worked for me I didn’t go into the meditation thinking about how long it was going to take me or how long I had to stay quiet. My mind was so clear that I felt like a new person. My breathing was so natural and smooth that I could not even tell if I was really breathing. I was so happy with the effects of meditation that I knew I was getting the hang of it.

Day 4

This time I had accidentally left the window open for my meditation, but I came to find out that it wasn’t such a bad mistake. Meditating with the window open actually really helped. As I meditated I listened to the world outside and the nature. I listened to the trees blowing in the wind. I could hear the dried out leaves blowing around through the crisp air. I really enjoyed the sounds of nature. I felt like I was meditating with nature. I could myself as a whole and one with the earth. This is an experience I do not know much about, but I do know that I enjoyed and it worked for me. It made me think about me and the world, me and nature. It was a different for me, but my favorite part of this meditation was it brought out a different piece of me that I didn’t know about, the piece of me that understands nature and can become one with nature.

It was a sort of spiritual piece of me I was not exactly aware of, but I liked that relaxing open-minded piece of me. It was like I was living life according to the rhythm of nature, physical and mental. I was meditating along with universal providence. It felt beautiful and healthy.

Day 5

After my last meditation I felt great and refreshed. My meditation today made me feel comfortable, I felt as though I could see myself from the third person. I felt like I was looking in on myself and even understanding myself and why I feel the ways I do. I could feel all the different sensations I express sometimes. I could see myself happy, sad, angry, frustrated, stressed, overwhelmed, relaxed and excited. I felt like I was examining myself in all sorts of emotions. I had so many different ideas that were crossing my mind. Surprisingly this was a rather loud meditation for me, but I still felt like it was a great meditation. I could see myself from the outside in and that was a good feeling for me. It made me feel like I was in control of myself and I had a sense of relief, it was revitalizing. I had a feeling of strength and self worship to be able to analyze myself in a way I had never done before. I am not used to this, but I am definitely beginning to get use to this. Meditation is slowly, but surely opening doors for me helping me to understand and recognize myself.

Day 6

I felt like I was ready and needed my meditation today. I had a lot on my mind and just wanted to sit peacefully by myself and think about all the things that were bunched up in my head. I went into this meditation confused, stressed and overwhelmed. As I sat there quietly and breathing I immediately felt relaxed. I could feel the oxygen moving through my body and everything collecting and coming together in my mind. I started to piece things together and realized I did not need to feel confused, stressed and overwhelmed. I knew at that moment my meditation was working and I was relieving and regenerating myself. I became calm, collected and at peace with my mind. This meditation allowed me too examine my problems and cause of these feelings and emotions. I felt good again and completely positive. the best part of this meditation for me was that my emotions going into the meditation were so negative and by the end of the meditation I felt like I had a whole new outlook and positive attitude, it was like I had a whole new day ahead of me that I was completely ready to conquer. My anxiousness and had turned into energy and optimism. This meditation was mind blowing and rejuvenating.

Day 7

I didn’t have much to do today I was feeling bored and lazy. Going into my meditation I was hoping to uplift some inspiration, enthusiasm and creativity. As I started to breathe, release all my feelings and allow my mind to wander I immediately felt my heart beat and the sound of each beat. It was like my senses were enhanced. I could smell and feel the clean air coming in through the window embracing me so naturally. My mind was running off on its own. I felt accepted, admirable and worthy. It was a feeling of recognition and acknowledgement, but I didn’t know for what or why I had these feelings. I definitely did not mind this feeling of praise, but I wondered where it came from. I continued to allow my mind to keep going. Finally my meditation had brought me answers. I was coming up with thoughts and ideas, my head was filling up with extraordinary concepts. I had learned how far I could take my mind if I just allowed it to wander and go on its own. It helped a lot that I didn’t have much on my mind today and instead of forcing things on my mind I could allow my head to choose its own path of thinking. I really enjoyed this meditation and it definitely once again changed my day. I became very productive today including small projects and big projects. My meditation today inspired me to clean and throw away old stuff from the past. I felt clear, fresh and even pure. This was yet another positive meditation adventure.

Day 8

This is my second week of meditation, I feel like so far I am moving along in my meditations and they are working for me. I thought it would take me longer than this to get where I am with my meditations, but I am happy with my progress. My meditation today me on a slow and laid back ride today, it was a well needed and appreciated ride. I needed intense silence and deep breathing. Its a Monday, typically not my favorite day of the week, but I knew I was starting it off right with my meditation. In the past my meditations have brought me hope and inspiration which I was hoping to bring with me to the beginning of my week. I brought my selflessness to the table when entering into this meditation. I listened to the small voice in my head as it told me how to let go and just follow it. It was like I was walking through my own mind; like a maze, but I was not lost. In fact I was completely on the right track. I was walking through the path of my mind which was a great one. I had the biggest and strongest imagination just taking me for a ride that I would never forget. I felt like I was floating on cloud nine and I was completely immersed in extravagant marvel. As always the feeling was empowering!

Day 9

I am being very structured and on point today. I woke up to my alarm early this morning and have not stoppped going since that alarm sounded. My mind has been running a mile a minute. I knew I needed to turn the switch off for just a moment. Time to meditate I thought and that is just what I did. I got into position sat quietly waited and waited. I knew this one was going to take a minute, like I said my mind was running a mile minute. It probably took me about 5 minutes to get into this meditation, it was hard but I was not giving up. Finally my mind was free from the overboard thinking and working. Within 2 minutes of that crazy non stop 5 minutes I was on my way to meditating. It felt so good right away. I threw out all the things that were on my mind today and all the things that I had to do today. I embraced the quiet of my mind and the stillness of my body. This quiet and stillness was centering and clarifying to my mind, body and soul. I had a sense of confidence and feeling of freedom by the end of my meditation.

Day 10

Today I had to do my meditation towards the end of my day which I was a little concerned about, but I found it to be illuminating and kindling. By the end of my day I was exhausted and beat. I was completely ready to relax and become submerged in the light of my mind and soul. I started my meditation easing into it slowly and soft coming out of a fast pace and fulfilled day. I needed this time to let go and go off the beaten path. It was an immediate response from my body a complete sense of transformation went over me. I went from feeling suffocated and overworked to invigorated and reserved. My skin was tingling and I could feel a warm blanket and comfort from the air surrounding me. I felt love and reconciliation from myself. My body and mind were delighted with me. I was content with myself and beyond that my mind and body felt alive and awakened. This meditation brought me relief and alleviation from my busy and exhausting long day.

Day 11

Today was perfect and I wanted to reflect on this optimism. As I was sitting on my floor getting into my meditation with my eyes shut I could see a faint light. I wanted to follow this light and see where my mind would go. As I let my mind go deeper and deeper I was beginning to see a bigger picture. I could see and smell an open field with bright green grass and a bright blue sky. The clouds were puffy and white. The air was crisp and fresh. It was beautiful and enlightening. I could see the beautiful life ahead and the light that I needed to follow. My mind was bringing me in the direction I needed to be and taking me to a great place where I could find piece of mind. This was different for me, but I enjoyed it. This light took me to a beautiful place that I knew I would always be able to go back to and find encouragement when I need it. I loved this place that this meditation took me too and I can’t wait to go back for some more enlightenment.

Day 12

I think I woke up on the wrong side of the bed today in a bad mood with a bad attitude. I felt very pessimistic and negative about everything including things that could have brought me positive energy. I was annoyed and agitated I definitely needed my meditation. As I went into my meditation I was thinking how I needed to let off some steam. A little voice in my head was telling me to just stop, don’t think or try to figure anything out. I listened and I heard the voice in my head. I stopped and turned everything off in my head. I just allowed the voice to take me to positive place. I was encouraged and motivated to move past my anger and agitation. I used the air I was breathing in and out to take in the cleanliness and remove the bad. I was no longer in a bad mood and got rid of my bad attitude. This meditation took away my negative struggle and brought me options of greatness and fulfillment.

Day 13

Today I woke up and began my meditation before I could even start any part of my day. I had no thoughts or worries I was just beginning my day with a peaceful conversation of the mind, body and soul. My mind was moving at a quiet and slow pace. I was thinking lightly and felt very deeply indulged in the quietness. It felt like I was falling into a realm of peacefulness. I liked this quiet start to the beginning of my day. My heart rate was completely normal and my breathing was coming so easily. My mind didn’t have much to say, but it felt good that way. I wasn’t thinking nor listening I was just being. I liked this meditation I was in a sound state of mind. The start of my day had been spiritually shaped.

Day 14

Today was my last meditation an ending to great journey that I have gone on for 2 weeks, but I just might not end this journey. As I begun my meditation I looked back on all of my other meditations and why I enjoyed them and how them shaped my day each time. My mind and body were very much delighted and strongly influenced by my meditations. As I meditated I collected all my thoughts and released them to be free and harmless. I didn’t want my thoughts to interfere I just wanted to listen to how my mind and body were feeling. They were exhilarating and reassuring. I was on the right path today and ready to go out in the world and go after life. My meditation was all about me. I enjoyed being selfish for a moment and completely indulging in myself, it brought me empowerment and light at the end of the tunnel. This last meditation was a perfect finish to a perfect beginning. I closed one door and will now be opening another door!

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