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Maximize your meeting minutes

Maximize your meeting minutes

Depending on where you are coming from you might love meetings or you might hate them. It’s no secret that meetings can take up a lot of time, especially when they are irregular or not scheduled long enough. From the beginning you should know what the desired outcome. Meetings should produce tangible results—and hopefully this blog post can help with that. Depending on what you are meeting for, you’ll want to create an agenda for each meeting. This should be visual and can either be handed out or presented and revisited throughout the meeting.

There are options such as GoToMeeting or WebEx if you need help with a platform. The move through the agenda one by one in order to accomplish the end goals in mind. Decisions should be made and finalized and make sure everyone is on the same page. Any future actions that has to be made should be as clear as possible with the person in charge of the task well notified with the due dates. Send the meeting minutes to everyone so that way everything actually gets done. The purpose of the meeting should boil down to a sentence and try to limit the meeting to one purpose. This purpose should be large enough to warrant a meeting hence why there’s only one—if it’s not big enough then you might want to reconsider a meaning is really necessary of things can be summarized in an email. To enhance productivity, only invite everyone that absolutely has to be there. It’ll save time, money and energy—both yours and theirs. Keep communication open, but not so open that it becomes a discussion. Allow everyone to be heard and be open to input. Take notes and you can even log the meeting electronically for those who may be remotely involved.

Lastly make sure to conclude your meeting with a plan of action to summarize what was discussed and outcome. This log or summary sheet with then serve as a great opener for the next meeting!

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