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Love languages

Love languages

It’s common knowledge that different things make different people angry. Temperament is something you are born with. Some babies spend more time crying and fussing than other and that can carry over into adulthood. So if that’s common sense, I wonder why people don’t consider the things or phenomena that make people experience other emotions like love.

I recently explored a website (link below) that notifies you of your top five love languages. The reasoning behind this is that there are different ways in which people communicate or experience love. It’s called a language because it is open to interpretation.

The five love languages are gift receiving, quality time, words of affirmation, acts of service and touch.

The last one is probably the easiest to understand, but can change most frequently. Those who experienced abusive relationships in the past may rank this as the least important language of love between themselves and their partner. It could be super important to someone else because they were void of touch for a long time. It doesn’t have to be abuse related or conceivable to the conscious mind either. Words of affirmation pertain to the actual language that is shared between two people—positive or negative your words may count more than you think. Gift receiving doesn’t have to be luxurious it could just mean that stopping because you were thinking about them is important. Acts of service refers to the actions taken to make a loved ones life easier. Like doing their laundry or getting an oil change because it would convenience them or take something of their plate. Lastly is quality time. The uninterrupted time spent with that person may mean more than a text every so often.

The test takes about 15 minutes of reflection and can tell you things about yourself or your romantic partner that you never knew. There is also another version of the test if you want to do it for your children or familial relationships.


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