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Live Within Your Means

Do you budget your money? Do you know how to budget your money? Believe it or not a lot of us don’t budget or even really know how to budget your money. We don’t take full responsibility for our finances or even pay attention to where our money is going, we just spend. Majority of us routinely spend more money than we can afford, we don’t spend within our means. Going into debt is an easy and common pattern to slip into. It is also a hard fix. You need to know your finances and spend less than what you have coming in. A budget can help you to pay your bills on time, have money for emergencies and eventually reach your financial goals. Lets focus on some simple ways to start the budget process and organizing our money.

Starting a budget: (break down your budget monthly)

  1. Add up your income
  2. Estimate your expenses
  3. Figure out the difference: (total of your monthly income – the total of your monthly expenses =the difference) If you get a positive number this means you are spending less than you earn. If you get a negative number this means you are spending more than your income. This indicates that you need to make some adjustments and cut back on your expenses in order to start living within your own means.
  4. Track your budget

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