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Less is More

Do you have too much going on? 

Do you feel like a hot mess? 

Is your life filled with too much stuff? 


So many of us live life with a lot of stuff and we know it. You can feel the load and stress of your own clutter. We are tired of cleaning, managing and organizing our chaotic lifestyle. Our rooms are messy, drawers won’t close, closets are disarray, and our garages are filled with everything, but our cars. The evidence of our own clutter is surrounding us. As our clutter constantly continues to grow we are slowly suffocating ourselves. It distracts us from what we should be focusing on and the things we need to be taking care of in our lives. We lose our passion and potential to excel when we don’t have things in order. We should be using our resources rather than letting them take over our lives. You don’t need everything. Live a better life with less. Try it out. 

•  Recognize
•  Realize how all the stuff you own keeps you from pursuing your dreams
•  Create craft
•  Experience the joys of generosity
•  Learn

We can recognize the things we don’t need and how less is more. We can realize how much the extra stuff distracts us. We can create ideas and ways to change our life from having too much to living with less. We can experience this transformation and the process. We can learn from all aspects of this journey. We can aspire to be so much more and put energy towards so much more without the extra stuff.

Less-is-More-1“Simplicity is the key to brilliance.” -Bruce Lee 

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