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For those of us like myself who might be afraid of financial institutions or just the thought of getting your finances together, it is time to break the ice and dive in. Everyone has fears or something that makes them nervous…that’s life, but you can’t let these things hold you back. Bank accounts and credit cards can be intimidating and overwhelming especially for people who are not used to financial institutions. They can be big and complicated. We are pretty much trusting our livelihood in this big building who just takes our money, meanwhile I’m here thinking hey, I don’t know you…well at least that’s how I feel. It feels unfamiliar and scary.

bikeIn order to feel secure and become aware of what to do with our money we must learn by doing. It is just like any other process of learning, with practice you get better. We are offered so many different ways to become knowledgeable and educate ourselves about the financial process. We can learn through technology, financial advisors, peers, financial products, webinars, blogs, research etc. Instead of sitting back and watching the world pass you by, get up and teach yourself! Don’t be afraid to mess up. Remember, you already know I’m a huge believer in learning from our mistakes! Like I said you will learn by doing.

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  • Financial capability, we need the combination of knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviors to make sound financial decisions that support well-being.
  • Familiarity, confidence and attention
  • Reminders and mental short cuts
  • Like I always say, make it FUN
  • Always set goals
  • Get support from your peers

We want to create a confidence in ourselves to use financial institutions and services in a way that will eventually develop our personal financial health and success. You have to start somewhere so go and put your learning into action and learn by doing!

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