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Lauren Simmons

Lauren Simmons

At just twenty-three years old, Lauren Simmons is the youngest woman to be a full-time trader for the New York Stock exchange. In addition to that, she is the second Black woman in 226 years. This is no small feat! While she had her goals in mind, being a pioneer was not one of them. She sought out what she wanted to do and the and the titles came afterward. In an article by CNBC, she refers to her experience as surreal and “if you would have told her five years ago that she’d end up working on Wall Street, she wouldn’t have belied the news herself.” She actually studied genetics and statistics in undergrad, but soon discovered the medical field was not for her. One thing Simmons did know, though, was that she liked numbers. Without studying finance in college Simmons was able to study for a month and pass the exam floor brokers need to earn their badge called Series 19. She taught herself financial principles and shocked everyone when she passed. The full article comments on the “locker room” banter and ambiance of the male dominated broker floor. Everything from the jackets to the far away bathroom indicates this place was not designed with women in mind, and yet here we are. Though there is a long way to go, Simmons is proud of her position at the stock exchange and knows she is deserving of her position there. She’s excited and doesn’t complain—only giving slight input where needed. Her advice to women is to embrace being uncomfortable on the route to what you want.  I hope this has been an inspiration to you!


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