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Laundry Savings

Laundry Savings

According to the makers of Tide, American families wash 300-390 loads of laundry a year—that’s nearly a load a day! If you’re single that number is probably drastically lower, but all the same, there are ways to save on the costs it take to wash your clothing.

If you’re like many Americans, you don’t have much say in the appliances responsible for doing your laundry—many homes and rentals are already accompanied by their washer and dryer. There are a number of eco-friendly washers and dryers that promise to save you money on your utility bills by using water and electricity more efficiently. There are also soap concentrates you can dilute at home.

Those options are called High-efficiency washer and are well accompanied by using less detergent. By hanging up your clothes immediately you can save on the amount of time and energy you spend ironing.

Always be sure to clean the dyer’s lint filter, this was ensure a safer flow of air (thus preventing fires) and will dry clothes more efficiently. You can invest in a drying rack or dry your clothes without heat by using clothespins (this is a great tactic for the summer time!). Over half of the energy used by the washing machine is due to heating up the water and its common knowledge that colors are less likely to change color or shrink in cold water anyway!

Make sure to wash full loads without over loading and if you really have to wash a singular item consider doing it by hand!



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