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Know your car

Know your car

Treat your car like your baby. Would you go months (read: miles) at a time without a check up? A lot of money and time can be saved by regular maintenance! A car is not only a means from A to B but also a meaningful tool that shouldn’t be taken for granted. Can you imagine the days when people were on foot and hooves…for centuries? Ford Motor Company is barely over a hundred years old. Can you change a tire? Are you equipped with a spare? Do you know where it is? Roadside assistance is stupendous but so is self-sufficiency. What about starter cables and battery terminals? Use your headlights in inclement weather and check your tires. Also, check the perimeter of your car every so many times you take it for a spin, you never know when you may have to make an insurance claim. We at fast cash feel as though you should know your car is a form of security and your title is in good hands

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