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Invest in Your Dream

Invest in your dream, not the money. Chase your dream not paper. 

Everyone has a different take on the definition of being rich.  Most of us know in order to “get rich” it requires pure passion and hard work. It is passion itself that makes one’s wealth. However, not everyone understands, some people are unable to recognize the meaning and have a false representation of what it means to be rich.


  • Be wealthy, not rich.
  • Make sacrifices.
  • Find your passion.
  • Happiness is at the end of the tunnel.

Don’t chase money. Money should not be the core of your goal, it should be the idea of your success. Hard work and passion will bring you success and your success is what will lead to your wealth. Understand the order and realize the end goal. Your ambition is what will separate you from being “rich” and actually make you wealthy. Know what you want now and go after it, the benefits will come later. Take the risk, that is what makes the difference between you and other people. Success comes from dream seekers not cash chasers. You won’t get rich if you just see $$$ signs.

stop chaseFinancial success can be a powerful pressure and it controls the lives of many. Money chooses occupations,  dictates how time, energy, and resources are spent. It can influence relationships, schedules, and families. It can even become an all-consuming weakness leaving people broken. Don’t waste your time chasing paper, use your time wisely and find significance.

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