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Importance of clean water

Importance of clean water

The fortunate part about this post is that most people accessing it don’t have to worry about how and where to retrieve clean water.

Although many Americans prefer not to drink their faucet water, that luxury of choice is not prevalent for much of the world; it’s estimated that about one billion people have serious limitations regarding the accessibility to clean water (the actual number according to UNICEF and the World Health Organization is 844 million). For some, the walk to a water can be miles long and still the source can be contaminated and lead to sickness.

Fortunately more developed countries are working towards finding solutions and some have aid along the way. One example is P&G Purifier which separates the drinkable water from suspended matter and 99.99% of waterborne bacteria via flocculation and coagulation. From that P & G launched a non-profit called Children’s Safe Drinking Water Program which would propagate their interests by partnering with other organizations who focus on the wellness of kids in over ninety countries. Partnerships are effective also because they raise awareness. Walmart International reported on March 4th that they would be partnering with P&G in order to support the “1 purchase = 1 liter of clean water” initiative in South Africa, Japan and later Argentina, China and India. In the fall Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Chile, Canada, and the UK. National Geographic will be launching a TV series in the fall that fallows the story of a girl named Veronika in Indonesia who comments on the improvement her life has taken once she was able to access clean water. Instead of searching for wood in order to boil water she is able to study and play. Imagine not being able to focus on your career or personal goals because you have to spend energy ensuring you have access to something as elemental as water. The results can be devastating.

Entire societies are limited by their proximity to this water source leaving human potential trapped. If you care to read more about the initiative taken by Walmart or P&G the links are below. Hopefully this post has reminded you to be grateful about the little things because they can be big things too!


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