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Does money stress you out? 

Does money make you feel bad about yourself? 

Trying to make money does’t always have to be stressful, you can embrace it and turn it into a positive challenge. Make it a game, it doesn’t have to feel like a burden. Challenge yourself and strive to become better mentally and financially. Money isn’t personal and it has nothing to do with your self-worth, remember that. If you have hit a spot in your life where you feel like you have hit the bottom financially, then take this time to move into transition and make it a priority to fix your position financially.

  • Take care of #1, yourself!
  • Organize and clean up your environment
  • Eliminate any negativity in your life
  • Quit wasting time, use your time wisely and be productive
  • Follow up on any money owed to you
  • Stay away from commitments
  • Set a small goal and a plan to make money
  • Make time to just focus on making money
  • Create a support system for yourself
  • Brainstorm
  • Focus and get specific
  • Connect

In the moment it feels like a mean and vicious cycle. It is one of those times in life where you most likely have to hustle harder than you ever have before. There seems to be no way to bring in the kind of money you need as quickly as you need it, it can be a time of stress and anxiety, but don’t let it. It is just for the meantime, that feeling of “What am I going to do?” is all in your head. Find whatever it is that drives you and run with it. Be conscious and grow.

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