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How to market yourself

Are you a recent graduate? Maybe you just had a revelation and are embarking on a new career path. Either way, knowing how you are an asset will not only develop your network, but also your net worth. Effectively marketing you and “your brand” will require a great deal of introspection. There is no one better suited to brag about you, your experiences, and your passion than you. Start with what you know you like. Then make a list of the kinds of work you find the most valuable or least taxing. A wise man in ancient China once said, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” I couldn’t agree more. For the long run, it’s imperative that you are doing something that feels less like a job and more like a calling. Take everything as a learning opportunity. Revise your resume with each new encounter. Journal the things that provided meaning and also the things that felt mundane. Even with jobs you that you don’t like, ask yourself “why not?” this is where the introspection comes in. Are you more sedentary or dynamic? Are you meticulous or do you find yourself more concerned with the bigger picture? Above all, allow those closest to you to read your resume and cover letters. In order to land that dream job, it starts with YOU! Practice your elevator pitch. Make a LinkedIn. Chat with the Uber driver. Get comfortable bragging. Confidence is an overarching attractive trait; show the world why you are an asset!


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