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Hold Onto Your Money


Having trouble keeping your money in your pockets?

Some of us run out of money too fast. When you’re living paycheck to paycheck, it can be extremely hard to get yourself in a good spot, but it’s possible. If you start to make few changes to your daily spending habits, you’ll start to have more money in your pockets.

  • Start to realize your worth hourly. Quit the impulse purchases. Every time you want to buy something, think to yourself “How much time would I need to work to pay for this?”
  • Change habits to once in a while. Instead of getting a coffee everyday, maybe visit Starbucks once or twice a week, the rest of the week brew coffee at home. You still get to enjoy it just every once in a while rather than all the time. It will hurt your pockets less.
  • Time off doesn’t get you paid. If you are offered overtime, take it. Think about it, you are probably just going to go home and sit on the couch for the evening anyway. Don’t lose potential money. You may have missed opportunities in the past, but don’t disregard future opportunities that you still have the chance to take advantage of. Don’t waste your time.
  • Make your spending worthy. Make the most of every penny that you earn.
  • Money saved is money earned. By saving your money you are earning money that you wouldn’t have necessarily had if you had spent it. Once you earn this money by giving up something, you’ll be free to spend it on the things in your life that you need.


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