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Great graphs (for visual learners)

Great graphs (for visual learners)

Communication is a skill that is invaluable especially when it’s done effectively. In order to do that, you may have to cater to an audience that is receptive to a multitude of mediums. That means you have to work on how to present words and numbers in a way that is ubiquitous but also concise. If numbers are involved you’ll definitely want to use charts. Familiarize yourself with the Microsoft Office application called Excel. You can do this via YouTube and learn to manipulate the data in order to present it in the most presentable fashion. If you decide Excel is not the application for you, there are other options available which can be used online. You’ll have to think about the characteristics of the graph and what you’re trying to portray. What exactly is the message you’re trying to get across? Remember, not everyone is astute with numerical information, so you don’t want to make it too convoluted. Think about the axis and what margins or intervals you need. Make sure to label the axis with units and title the graph. Sometimes it’s not necessary to have grid lines and sometimes it is. Always go for the simpler comprehensive model so it can be internalized more readily. PowerPoint is a nice option because it can integrate information from Excel with its insert graph options. You can get creative with the color schemes or backgrounds, but don’t’ make it too distracting or busy. As always you should have someone look at your graphs. This can be an expert (someone you think is better or could offer advice) or even better it can be someone who doesn’t know anything (that way you can see how easy it can be understood). Remember effective communication is a attribute valued in the work place and it goes further than just words.

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