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Do you have loans? Do you need to pay off debt?

I know I do, along with many of my peers I have student loans and debt that I am reminded of every day. College is an incredible opportunity that not everyone gets to experience. A college degree is a great way to get your adult life started. Some of us make it through all 4 years, some of us do 4 plus years, some of us drop out and then theres me, on the 5-10 year plan just trying to knock out one bill at a time and cross off one class and 4 credits every semester.

debtPaying off debt is hard, but staying motivated to pay off the debt is even harder. You have to create a habit and incorporate self discipline in your repayment process. Is it hard for you to give up and sacrifice the things you love? Ya I know me too. I try to give myself a small allowance or put money towards what I call my “fun fund,” c’mon it is summer, lets be realistic here. There is no way I am going to just not spend any money on things I want  or want to do, but I can limit it. Put most of your money towards your debt, but give yourself a little room to indulge. You could also try making a rule for treating yourself and how often it is really justifiable.

get outLife without debt… sounds nice right! Picture it, your life without debt should be pretty motivating. I know it is for me, I think about all the extra money I will have and wiggle room I could play with…I could travel, visit my hometown more often, feel secure, less stressed, be more spontaneous, purchase things I usually have to say no too.  Who doesn’t want to have a chunk of money in their bank account!? Picture it and use it as a daily reminder to keep yourself on track with your repayment process.

Get motivated and be debt free!

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