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Get Back on Track!

Losing focus on financial goals eventually results in losing money and prevents greater opportunities to grow financially. We also take a hit emotionally and psychologically. If we’re going to look at how to bounce back from a financial setback, we need to keep both of those things in mind.

  • Acknowledge your setback
    • Admit that there is a problem with your finances and then you can move forward with a new plan to improve your finances.
  • Learn from it
    • Pay attention to your bad habits and losing money. Focus on your financial state. Don’t allow it to happen again.
  • View your setback from a different lens
    • Look for a positive outcome in the situation at hand. You learned something from this experience. It was a mistake and you learned for the future.
  • Make one change.
    • Find one thing that needs to change in order to prevent a financial setback in your future. Focus on what you a can work with and change it.
  • Choose an appropriate time
    • Find a time to get things started and move forward. When will you start to pick up the pieces from your most recent financial setback? Try picking up one piece today. Remember one day at a time.

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