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Gatorade is rich in sugars and electrolytes and for this reason people drink it to replenish that which is lost during times of exhaustion and profuse perspiration. That being said, it was designed for athletes, not for sedentary people trying to moderately hydrate. Your body burns sugar most readily when you need energy immediately and when you are exercising or doing physical activities for an extended period of time (that is 45 minutes to an hour, depending on how much you sweat). A good alternative for the sugary neon drink would be coconut water without added sugars. The result is a replenishing of the minerals lost while sweating without the added carbohydrates which, when unused, are stored as fat for long term energy. If you’re experiencing symptoms of dehydration like headaches or fatigue, then Gatorade is definitely a good option for you. Sports drinks are generally only for periods of extreme exercise. Additionally Natalie Rizzo an accredited nutritionist states, “I would be wary of any artificial flavors or colors and high fructose corn syrup (HFCS),” says Rizzo. “Gatorade uses sugar and dextrose, while Powerade uses HFCS. Many serious and elite runners use a powder to make their own, and many endorse Skratch Labs because they use a mixture of cane sugar and dextrose as the sugar [source]. Both are more natural sugars that get into your bloodstream quickly.” As always stay informed and read the label!


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