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No one seems to talk about such a topic until the time comes—until it’s time to cross that bridge. I was scrolling through current events on CNN when I came across a story about a three-thousand-year-old mummified woman that was unveiled during the discovery (link below). It’s no secret the Egyptians buried their noble people, well… nobly. For royalty it was a grandeur gold arena for eternity. As I read the article, I became curious about the death and funeral industry in America. The economics of funerals is reported by PBS and that information states that the average number of funerals a year is 2.4 million amounting to over 20 billion dollars a year. The typical funeral costs about eight thousand dollars and the items amounting to this figure include a casket, funeral services, preparation of the body called embalming, ceremonial and viewing service, a head stone, grave space and digging, and not to mention any transportation that may be required by ground or air. Caskets at whole sale are little over three hundred dollars, but at a funeral home it’s price can be over seven times that. It’s no wonder 41% of American choose to be cremated with the highest rate of cremation being in Nevada at 73%

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