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Some of us need a little help with understanding the financial world and keeping our finances in order…I know I sure do!

  • Do you have a bad credit score? 
  • Do you keep track of your bank accounts and credit cards?
  • Do you have a debt plan?
  • Are you building your savings?
  • Do you track your expenses?

Do you even think about any of these things in an organized way? I never did, but they are important questions to ask yourself and consider. Keeping track and staying on top of your financial situation, whatever it might be is important. I will share with you some of the tools that have recently helped me to stay on top of my money and keep everything organized, while reminding me of my end goal to be financially sound and comfortable. Sometimes too many options can be overwhelming, so I’ve broken the list down to just 5 that I consider to be user friendly and superior to their competitors. These are some tools that have helped me to get a clear view of my total financial life. I refer to them as my financial hack apps.


mintMint is a personal financial management service that guides you through managing your money, paying your bills and tracking your credit score. It is a multi use app that will create a budget for you, get you your credit score and teach you how to improve it, organize your balances and due dates, link your bank accounts and credit cards and advise you on your spending habits and savings.


ReadyFor ZeroReadyFor Zero is for those of us needing to pay off debt. It helps you create and visualize a debt plan based on your specific financial status and debt management goals. You can also track your credit score through your repayment process. You can link all your accounts including student loans, credit cards, mortgages, make a personalized payoff plan, and track your progress.


Qapitqapitalal helps you to start planning, building and maintaining personal savings. It allows you to choose your goals and set up rules for each goal you set. The rules are what give you the opportunity to save and what I like to call “portion control” in my Qapital savings plan.


Bettebetterrment is the mentor or investing, it teaches and opens us to the world of investment. I’m not quite there yet, but it is always good to be ahead of the game. It is for all of you that have finished paying off your debt and have good chunk built up in your savings…I commend you. Betterment will help you to strategize through your personal investments and give you guidelines to stay on top of your long term goals.


ShoebShoeboxedoxed is how we go paperless with our important transactions and data. It allows you to digitize your receipts. I love it for keeping track of my expenses and random work reimbursements. Shoeboxed organizes your receipts, gives you expense reports, assist with tax preparation, manages your business cards, tracks mileage and even allows you a little clutter space!


Try out these helpful apps! Happy 4th of July Weekend! Proud to be an American!

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