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Financial Anxiety


Do you ever think about what lies ahead?

I’ll be honest, the future has been on my mind a lot lately. Being the anxious person that I am, I probably already overthink too much, but between school, juggling two jobs and just trying to figure out who I am in this big world, my future has begun to feel like a giant question that I can’t answer. I’ve been battling this question and it always feels like I’m not where I should be, but when I really contemplate, I realize I have made a few solid financial moves and life changes in the past year. After this past year, I really have made strides and come a long way all things considered. I need to remind myself as should you, that your speed doesn’t matter, forward is forward and progress is progress. Don’t sell yourself short.

I am approaching the “next phase” of my life and I want to be smart about my money and make good choices for myself. I want to be prepared for the unexpected and exciting times as well as the inevitable with a clear mindset. I am learning that being preventative is a very important part of the process. As humans we like to avoid things we don’t want to talk about or deal with, trust me that is one of my hugest downfalls! Don’t wait to bring it up, but you can keep it light. We should understand our background- what money represents for you, how it makes you feel and what is most important to you in regards to money.


The truth is keeping yourself up all night and worrying about money won’t change anything and make money appear in a depleted bank account. It won’t help you decide how to save, start a 401k or retirement plan. Instead, learning how to calm your fears and feel confident about your financial choices is a matter of education, action, and respect. As you begin to find proactive ways to stay on top of your finances, you might find that the anxious feeling that comes when talking about money or checking your bank account diminishes thanks to control and confidence that you have now allowed yourself.

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