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Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence

Psychologists believe that many of our emotional responses have to do with unresolved past or childhood circumstances. This concept is explored in dream theories and the information can be quite liberating when you understand your brain is a muscle with instincts. Emotional intelligence is defined by Psychology Today as the ability to recognize and control one’s own emotions as well as recognizing the emotions of others. This skill can be developed and may aid in internal or external conflict resolution.

Though emotional intelligence harder to gage or measure than more quantifiable intelligence (g), it is still a considerable trait to have. Many employers in today’s job market are implementing emotional aptitude and responses scenarios in their application process. The five components of emotional intelligence include: self awareness, self-regulations, empathy, motivation and social skills. The first three are self explanatory, but the last two may implore more explaining. Being motivated or inspired has to do with the raw emotions that drive you to act. Knowing what sort of things move you to be proactive is important for fostering a productive lifestyle—and you can train your brain to have more positive emotions surrounding the tasks. Having social skills pertains to how well you work or play with others. Improving these can obviously aid in relationship management, but also help you makes gains in developing controlled responses.

Your brain is hardwired to sense danger—like constant survivalist mode. In today’s word, that doesn’t always equate to a snake in the grass or a bear in the forest. People can hurt us with their words and actions. Sometimes you get bit and the snake is not poisonous—you will not die.  Not everything has to be a threat and the sooner you realize you are in control the faster you can re-habituate. In fact, when bad things happen and you feel your blood begin to boil,  I hope you remember this post understand it’s the innate nature of your brain to scan for threats to your well-being. Control is key.


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