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Emergency Fund


Are you prepared for the unexpected? 

Do you have an emergency fun? 

Sometimes life happens and we aren’t ready for it, that’s life.  It can negatively affect us financially depending on the series of events. We all get bombarded with different circumstances including losing our job, death, illness and unexpected incidences in life. In order to make it through these life changes we have to anticipate the inevitable. We should have an emergency fund we can access when the unfortunate cards are dealt our way. This way we are protected in the event something happens.

  • Set some money aside every month
  • Build and maintain an emergency fund
  • Keep your emergency fund in a savings account
  • Do not use or dabble in it unless it is an emergency


“A financial emergency is simply a predictable expense that was not predicted.” -P. Christopher Music

After you have gone through your crisis and used your financial emergency fund, you need to immediately start to rebuild. Create a plan moving forward and remember what that emergency fund did for you in your time of need. 


Take a step in the right direction and give yourself the gift of financial security. Carefully assess your life after the situation and damage, then create a new budget after you have settled your financial crisis.

  • Write down your expenses
  • Go over your bills and expenses 
  • Figure out your monthly income
  • Compare your income to your expenses
  • Be proactive!

“Anticipate the difficult by managing the easy.” -Lao Tsu 

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