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Easy Ways to Make Money

“Some people say money is evil, but I don’t agree. If I manage it well and make good use of it, it’ll only make my life better.” -unknown

We all wish we had more than what we have right? We always want the next best thing… that little black dress, the newest phone, or even saving for that incredible vacation. Tell me I’m wrong? Do you need some extra cash? Are you looking for ways to make more money?

Here are some simple and fun ways we can put a little cash in our pockets:

  • Sell your wardrobe
  • Sell your used cell phone
  • Try out couponing
  • Participate in cash rebates offered
  • Test websites
  • Take on odd jobs
  • Sell your used books
  • Be a mystery shopper
  • Become a tutor in your preferred subject or language
  • Drive people around
  • Take out a title loan

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