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There’s a new and upcoming application that advertises it will give you an advance on your paycheck without any fees or interest. When I saw the commercial I was skeptical and apprehensive. Actually, I couldn’t believe it so I decided to look it up and read some reviews.

Rather than ask for a fee or charge interest the application operates on a more of a good samaritan code as it allows you to optionally tip. It works by tracking how often you work and tracking your wages. It’s main marketing message is that you’ve already earned your wages and there is no need to wait until payday. The daily withdrawal limits are entirely dependent on your income and the funds will automatically be withdrawn using your checking account and an estimate of when you get paid.

The only downsides that come to mind are the fact that you will be tracked in order to verify you are earning your wages.

Additionally, there is a great deal of personal information required for the application to run effectively.

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