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Don’t Let Money Control You

Keep Calm and Don’t Shop

Are you an impulse shopper? Do you have an online shopping problem? 

Online shopping has its benefits and it can save you money, but it can also become a problem for some of us “big spenders.” If you can’t control yourself and spend too much money online you need to explore your options. Take action and get rid of your bad spending habits.


  • Unsubscribe. Don’t sign up for any store emails and deals. These emails are great, but only if you have the self-control about what you buy and how much you spend. Without self-control, daily deal emails are just going to convince us and give us the urge to shop, shop, shop.
  • Do not save payment details. This is convenient, but once again if you don’t have self-control it is just going to empty your bank account. Extra steps to every purchase is helpful, makes you think more about what you’re buying.
  • Use debit, not credit. Don’t spend money you don’t have. You won’t have to worry about consumer debt.
  • Put a cap on your spending. Give yourself an allowance for each month. Once you spend this allowance you’re not allowed to make anymore purchases until next month and your allowance is replenished. It is simple and effective.
  • Create a lay away list. When you have an urge to buy something put it down on your list. Wait like a month and if you still want it, buy it. It will help you to kill the impulse buy and you will start to realize how many purchases are really not worth it.
  • Trade. Instead of buying everything brand new you can try and find a place where you could swap or barter. There are stores and sites that do this. You can get rid of something you don’t use or need anymore, while at the same time you can save.
  • Block. If you have no control over a certain website or store online, then you can always block it. Out of sight, out of mind.

Don’t let money control your life. 


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