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Developing your network

Understand that every encounter is an opportunity to make a connection. When you learn to live by this mentality, you realize that your network doesn’t have to stop with where you lived, attended school, or worked. Treat everyone with the same regard and respect, especially as the world diversifies more and more. The inspiration for this blog includes a minor anecdote. While waitressing, I was serving a woman with a number of piercing and tattoos, which didn’t exactly suggest she lived a life corporate. As small talk progressed, and she used a company card to pay for her food, she mentioned having to travel often for her job. Naturally, I politely inquired what work she was involved in when she subtly mentioned she was a senior technician for a cyber security company. By the time our conversation was over and her visit to the restaurant was coming to a close, we exchanged emails and made plans to talk further. The point is, your next opportunity could be right around the corner in the place you least expect it.