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Creative Ways to Save Money

Creative Ways to Save Money

We all know that feeling when it’s pay day. You can’t wait to buy something, maybe clothes, new phone, go out to a bar, whatever it is. You know when it’s paycheck day it’s going to be a good day. It’s difficult to think long term about saving your money. You worked hard for that money and now you want to spend it. I promise you, if you save your money now, future you will be very happy and thankful.

Rule #1. Always pay yourself first. You have companies and people constantly ready to take your money. Always look out for yourself and pay yourself FIRST. This means when you get your paycheck, instead of thinking of rent, think of yourself and put a certain percentage of your paycheck into your saving. Then you can worry about bills.

Beyond that, Fast Cash Title Loans has come up with a few creative ways for you to save money.

  • Grab an empty box, cut a small slit at the top to put money into it. Clearly, we want you to save money and not even spend your money buying a piggy bank, grab a shoe box, U-haul box, any type of box that is NOT see through. Whenever you have a $5 bill put it into the box. You don’t even have to do $5 you can do all bills or $1’s. You decide the amount, just make sure to stick with it and DO NOT OPEN THE BOX.
  • Ditch cable. Now-a-days there are so many online resources that are cheaper than cable, it really is not necessary to pay for it monthly. There is Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, etc. Cut it off today.
  • If you go out to bars or like to drink then only do specials. There is no need for you to spend $10 on a drink! And if you’re like most people, once you have one drink you want to continue drinking. Go online or call around to different places and ask when their happy hour is. If it does not fit your schedule then buy a bottle and drink before you go out, a bottle is always much cheaper than buying drinks at the bar.
  • Take advantage of coupons. Most people immediately trash the coupons they receive in the mail, open them and see what deals are going on. Why pay $5 for something when you can take 5 minutes out of your day to look, and cut out a coupon.
  • Price check. When you want to buy something, check around to different places and see if you can get it cheaper anywhere else. At the grocery store, when you see something that you’re constantly buying, take out your phone and check on Amazon or just online to see if you can get the product for cheaper

These small adjustments to your life could save you hundreds a year! Which means more money in your pocket.


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