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Consulting at its finest

Consulting at its finest

Beyond Philosophy, was recently named one of the Best Management Consultancy firms in the UK by the Financial Times. CEO and Founder Colin Shaw hosted a podcast, making his secret no secret at all. Shaw has been very open about what he calls the ten-step plan to create an award-wining consultancy. The link to the thirty-minute podcast is below, but I’ll be sure to summarize what was said in hopes of reproducing the pointers that will “take your idea and turn it into an award-winning consultancy too.

The first step is to recognize that you are an expert in something and to then communicate that to everyone. He wrote a book called Building Great Customer Experiences and would speak at conferences and his influence began. Ensure that your idea is an original one because you want to add something to the community of business and not mimic it. Be courageous and don’t let fear be debilitating—let it motivate you. Know yourself enough to understand your skills and focus on it. You can then build on those skills and make them your brand. You want to stay within your area of expertise and hone in on it so you’re good at one thing as opposed to just alright at everything. Next Shaw says to have an opinion and monitor how you deliver it. Don’t be too opinionated, but don’t be too indifferent either. Know what your clients want and put that on the forefront of your mission. Why should they hire you? And remember that no one is perfect, you should focus on a mistake enough to fix and learn from it, but not so much you quit. Accept and appreciate support because it’s hard to come by and remember that consultants are the first to go in a recession. So, you have to be prepared to bounce back when trouble strikes!


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