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Christmas on a Budget.

By December 21, 2015 Main Blog No Comments


Happy Holidays!

                         Happy Holidays!


If there is one thing I have learned more than anything else, it is that children would rather have time with their parents than almost anything else. The gift of time spent with a child will reap rewards that will pay you back for the rest of your life! Money spent on fancy toys is fun and exciting, but eventually the excitement fades away and is replaced with new desires for something else. Memories last forever.

*Don’t be too prideful to accept whatever comes your way.

I remember one year; we didn’t even have enough money to buy a tree. My mom felt bad about it, but was driving through a parking lot one day and saw a perfectly good tree that had been thrown into a dumpster behind a store. She brought it home and that was our tree that year, and it was beautiful. Miracles happen to those who have faith and aren’t afraid to look.

*Gifts for Children.

Ever notice that by the time Christmas rolls around again, all the toys you bought for your children last year are either lost or no longer played with? Time to give them away or sell them. You can sell them online or just donate them to your local thrift store. Last year, I was able to buy my child’s toys at our local thrift store for under $30 and I got MORE than what he ever would have needed, and most of them still had batteries that worked. He no longer has any interest in them so I will most likely box them up and sell them online, then repeat the same process as last year. If you’re worried about buying used stuff, you can just sanitize them. I took sanitizing wipes and wiped all of the toys down before I ever gave them to my kids. My kids also like to give gifts to each other so sometimes we draw names and then make something for each other or they earn money doing chores and we make a dollar store run and let the kids pick out gifts for each other. They learn how to give, and it costs very little.