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Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year

The largest annual human migration is due to millions of people going to celebrate the advent of a new year—not to New York, but to China!

The date of the Chinese New Year varies, because it goes with the lunar calendar. It is a fifteen day celebration that is recognized around the world—not just in China! It starts on the new moon and ends with the full moon on the last day for the Lantern Festival. 2019 represents the Year of the of and celebrations will officially begin  on February 5th. For Chinese astrology, each year is symbolized by one of twelve animals and rotates continually.

In contemporary China, the New Year is referred to as the Spring Festival, but is just one of several lunar new years in Asia annually. And often represents the start of a new animal’s zodiac year. One sixth of the globe celebrates the Chinese New Year. Most employees have 7-12 days off of work and students have one month of winter vacation. The number of people travelling by bus, plane, or train can be as high as 3 billion to unite with loved ones. Similar to the large number of people who tune in to watch the ball drop in NY, the most watched television program is the New Year’s Gala which includes performances and entertainment to last a lifetime. The largest firework usage is on the eve of the lunar new year.

The Spring Festival is vibrantly illuminated with crimson decorations as red is not only the main color on the Chinese flag, but it is also considered to be the symbol of wealth, prosperity and happiness.

The proper way to greet one another is “Guo Nian Hao”  which translates directly to happy new year. This is no doubt a large time for tourism in China and there are a number of packages to consider if you’re thinking about travelling to Asia to experience it!


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