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Benefits of a Car Title Loan

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Here are a couple of benefits from getting a car title loan: There is no credit check – we understand that a credit score doesn’t define who you are. We’re here to help you get back on track, we do not check any credit because we think everyone should be capable of receiving money if and when they need it.   Assist your credit card score – if you need to pay down a credit card for whatever reason, maybe you want to purchase a house, get a loan for school, etc. With a car title loan you can receive a loan with no credit check therefore you can use the loan to pay down some of your credit card which will help increase your credit score.   Interest is based on how long you keep the loan for – if you use a title loan responsibly this could really be a bridge loan for you. It could get you out of a bind, if you just need to pay a quick bill and get paid in 2 weeks then you can get the loan and pay it off in 2 weeks and that’s the only interest you’ll be charged…

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