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As spring approaches, it’s time for you to start considering when and how you can spend some time away from work. Studies show that those with the ability to take a vacation (even just a few days out the year) are happier and more productive in their working hours. A nice way to do this would be to go camping. It’s less expensive and nature has a multitude of therapeutic advantages. The fresh air, open spaces, organic setting, and night sky can infiltrate your mind and spirit leaving you rejuvenated. Those who go camping and look into star lit sky moonlit body of water report feeling small in a way that makes them feel a part of something larger. In Virginia, there are many places to consider for you overnight nature adventure included the Chesapeake and the Shenandoah. Camping is a more cost-effective way to vacation because you won’t be spending money at a resort or restaurant, on expensive food and experience (room service is out of the question) and there’s certainly no need for valet parking! You can consider white water rafting, canoeing, archery, and other endless outdoor activity. You don’t even need to know how to pitch a tent! If the idea of bugs or sleeping on the floors is deterring you from a camp ground experience, you should fear not. Many places offer raised cabins with mattresses for your sleeping bag. Many hardcore campers refer to this as “glamping” short for glamour camping, but you don’t need to rough it or have a fancy RV—the results are the same. Remember to take some time away from the office and if you need a little extra help doing so feel free to stop by our office to explore your options!

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