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Brace Yourself

Brace Yourself

There is a new way to afford braces without having to go into a doctor’s office. There are companies that will actually send a kit to your house. If you are self-conscious about your smile or have been considered braces without the ability to afford traditional ones, this may be the solution for you! SnapCorrect and YourSmileDirect are two examples of the “DIY” braces and can offer a solution for people with moderate misalignment.

It’s a little bit involved as you bite into several clay moldings and embark on what looks to be a home science experience. Then you send back the product in order to receive clear braces in the mail. They promise to straighten your teeth without a doctor’s visit within 16 weeks. It can save you up to 75% than traditional braces especially if you are short on cash, the gap can be filled with insurance plans. Or if you need us, Fast Cash Title Loans is here to assist you with the money you need today!



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